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Poonam Patel joins TEDx

Updated: Mar 7


"She was chatting away over at a happy hour with some new friends to which one asked, why don't you consider interviewing for TEDx? After accepting the challenge to interview among 70 other applicants that were invited to submit, she found out she was one of the few selected. We sat down with her and asked her how it's going. So, Poonam, how is it going?"


"To think about doing a TEDx is both exciting and nerve wrecking. It forces you to think about your life in a different way. Not the usual "What do I need to do today, updating goals, and delegating, rather evaluating the steps and challenges taken throughout my life and then to judge them according to what would be a valuable experience worth sharing. Having only lived one life and no other, how am I supposed to know if the experiences I've faced have "value" to another?

After brainstorming and experimenting with many videos, I finally decided that I need the help of people who do this on a daily basis. I reached out to my professors from undergrad, coaches and a few mentors and we came up with the final version of the 2 minute interview video.

After submitting and a massive anxiety attack, I obsessed over how good and/or bad it was, without really knowing what was good and bad, and then completely re-did the interview video and resubmitted. "

"On October 1, 2019, I found out that I was one of the 10 people who made it out of 70 submissions. "GO ME!" I thought, followed by a rush of every emotion: anxiety, fear, excitement, fear, determination, worry, concern and other emotions I have not yet been able to identify. "

So far the TEDx curator, has published a bio and head-shot for TEDx, coaches have been assigned, speaker are recommended to read "Talk like Ted" by Carmine Gallo, and have been given access to a TED Masterclass for 1 year featuring 11 lessons narrated by Chris Anderson himself.


"I have completed reading "Talk like Ted" and I have my first meeting with my coach on Monday, November 11, 2019. Between now and then I will be working the outline of the talk. Stay tuned!"

Please meet the very awesome, the yin to my yang, Kimberly Hardman. She has been key in helping my select the correct diction, syntax, (wording and word combinations) for a powerful delivery. I'm grateful to have her.

Kimberly Hardman

Passionate about leadership development & professional growth. Adroit communicator, with a love for public speaking and presenting. Skilled in teaching, training and facilitating. Experienced manager, mentor, and coach. B.A. focused in Public Relations; Communication Studies from the University of North Texas.

As the outline and script are developing, a few people have come to the foreground as being influential in how the story plays out. They have been invited to be on Poonam's personal board of directors, and have gladly accepted. Please Meet:

Donna Kacmar

I met Donna as I was obtaining my Masters in Architecture Degree. She has a unique perspective working in academia in the male dominated profession of architecture. She has written a book called BIG little house: Small Houses Designed by Architects. Her strength in writing is a valuable asset in how the stories unfold. Also, buy her book.

Frank Woosley

Frank is my business coach and an excellent speaker. I looped him in to walk this with me as he a great word smith and presenter.

Dr. Mahesh Daas

“No matter what life throws at you, what you make of it is up to you”

- Sadhguru

Mahesh was a studio design professor when obtaining my Bachelors of Science in Architecture Degree. His impact remains as a trusted adviser and dear mentor.

Mark Blizard

" just beyond boundaries and in the fringes of fiber and walls looking for something ineffable"

Mark was a professor in college who is the reason why I changed my major for Biology to Architecture. Everyone should take his class called Architecture and Culture.


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Tickets are on sale now! You can get yours here

Nov 19, 2019

Preparing for the Dry Run

November 21, 2019

Dry Run 1

Here we had an opportunity to give it ago with all that has been developed and received critical feedback.

December 14, 2019

Dry Run 2

After receiving feedback from the first Dry Run we were able to make a few improvements to the content of our talk, slides, talk timing , get a feel of the venue and see if the adjustments to the talk were impact enough to keep or edit out.

This event is now SOLD OUT!

Dry Run 3 which is happening on Jan 11 along with practicing with the AIA, DBA, Toastmasters, family and friends!

Stay tuned for the interview on spotify.



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