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I love designing environments that help our client's live their BEST LIFE when at home.

We look forward to the opportunity of designing your DREAM HOME.  

Stop putting your life on the back burner and give yourself the SELF CARE that you DESERVE by desining a home that functions well for your daily experiencec as you go about your day at home while also adding elements of your personal style into your space, making your home feel more like you, and not some foreign place.  Get in touch with us NOW.  


Use the Links below to schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation. 

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My Story

I saw the fate of women of my generation and culture and, quite frankly, it didn't excite me.  To dedicate my life in service to a husband's family?  No, thank you!  There was too much adventure, thrill, curiosity coursing through my veins and so much to learn!  "There were too many EXCITING things that I would have had to forgo should I have accepted my fate, the cultural preset of having to forfeit my entire life, desires and dreams, and for what?"  I thought.  I made it my life's mission to be the change that I want to see in my life and forfeit my participation in the cycle that keeps women oppressed.  


So I embarked on this journey, to learn everything I could.  It was hard and challenging.  However, here I am, with my 5-star design studio, providing services that improve the lifestyles of each one of our clients'.  


Who knew, that my insecurities of being young, female, and a minority in this  predominantly white, elderly male, would also serve as my superpower.  It turns out, most of my clients hire us because.

  • THEY LOVE THE FEMININE touch to a house.  

  • They desire the ATTENTION TO DETAIL that a nimble woman's mind can provide.

  • They love being around and working with YOUTHFUL ENERGY that can keep up with their expectations without dropping the ball. 

  • They love the UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE that comes with eastern culture, providing them with design elements that keep it hard for neighbors to "keep up with the john's"

  • They love the TRANSPARENCY AND CLEAR COMMUNICATION that comes with using new technology when compared to dated practices that most tend to fall habitually victim too.

Long Story short, I LOVE being able to live my DREAM OUT LOUD of practicing this work, in a way that truly provides an UNFORGETTABLE experience for my clients, that fosters lasting relationships, while creating a positive impact in our community.  This work is so rewarding, I am beyond GRATEFUL.


Moving forward, my focus is to grow, continue having a larger impact in our community, redefining the experience our clients embark on when working with us, and celebrate each milestone along the way.  ​

I look forward to working with you!

Poonam Patel


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Here is how we can connect.

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