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About Poonam Patel

Meet the Experts Behind Your Dream Home Floor Plans

Our team of experienced designers create personalized floor plans that bring your home vision to life.

How we stand out:

*100% Women Owned.  Pick someone to design your home where the concept of home is innate and not second nature or an afterthought.  Our homes are designed with safety, low maintenance and also come with a feminine touch.  This perspective creates a nurturing environment within your home with opulence that stem from maternal instincts of love and comfort; where decisions are NOT dictated by those who glorify garages and man caves, that struggle to understand, for example, extra plugs near the bathroom vanity, or how to curate spaces to entertain, or kitchen details.

*3D floor plans and Virtual Reality

*We are backed by dual degrees and HIGHLY educated with our lead designer, Poonam Patel, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture AND a Master's of Architecture.  So highly educated to trust your investment and not with some draftsman with a 4-hour course certificate, putting the value and stability of your home at risk. 
*We have earned 5-star reviews from highly satisfied clients

*17 years of industry experience, learning from the best firms here locally in Dallas and in the nation, including studios like SOM, Good Fulton and Ferrell, Mancini Duffy and Domiteaux Baggett.

*TEDx Speaker

*Former Vice Chair-woman on Education Committee at the Dallas Builder’s Association and in touch with education around construction practices.  

*AIA memeber keeping in touch with best practices.  

*Access to a wide network of colleagues, vendors, builders that allow clients to leverage information of industry experts, and not just the confounds of our design studio.  

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